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Anonymous asked:

I only like 5s o s because if Luke tbh. He's the only hot one and the only one with talent. He'd be better off solo haha



Okay first off- if you only like Luke, you don’t like 5sos, you like Luke Hemmings. Second of all, you’re literally so wrong I want to repeatedly hit you with a cactus.

Better off solo? 5SOS are like brothers, they would never go solo, they need each other, they all have a purpose in the band that makes it flow amazingly. Luke needs the boys and the boys need Luke. And Luke could never do solo, he’s a pop-punk/punk artist(needs a band), not a solo pop kid like Justin Bieber or someone else terrible.

First off, not talented? Have you heard Ashton drum, or sing, or play guitar? I’m pretty sure playing over three instruments is talented. Seriously, listen to his solo in What I Like About You, or listen to Ain’t No Rock, he’s an amazing singer.

And Calum Hood? Excuse me have you heard him play bass? Have you ever heard him sing?? Listen to one of his solo covers, or listen to the second verse in Try Hard. Calum writes most of the songs 5SOS has released. Calum is extremely talented too, just like Ashton, just like Luke, just like Michael.

And don’t even get me started on Michael. Listen to his SLSP demo vocals, listen to him sing sweet home alabama from that twitcam. Have you ever heard him play guitar? He’s fucking amazingly talented.

All the boys are talented, and if you cannot see that, you, my dear, are an idiot.

Also, you don’t think Ashton, Michael & Calum are hot? Excuse me um???


So to conclude, Luke is amazing and my fave, but the other boys are equally as talented and also extremely hot, and you, are v v v v dumb please unfollow me and never come on my blog again you are terrible.


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